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Environment and Responsibility
Kangwo Power firmly believes that environmental protection measures should be taken to create a better future.

Because of this, we are committed to carrying out all activities in a responsible manner, which includes abiding by existing environmental laws and implementing all necessary measures to prevent pollution and protect natural resources.

Our entire process, from product manufacturing to after-sale services, is in line with national quality standards and sustainability criterion. Our company has already passed the GB/T24001-2004 and ISO14001: 2004 certification in keeping with those standards.

At Kangwo Power, we have always believed that the success of a company is not determined only by its solutions and the quality of its products, but also by how it supports and protects the regional environment, and how it undertakes social responsibility. Kangwo's methods are detailed below.

With a strong commitment to our personnel, Kangwo Power views each employee as equally important to the overall success of the company. We have taken great measures to ensure occupational safety and health consciousness procedures. Kangwo has implemente the following poicies to reduce both accidents and any related occupational hazards:

1. Continuous safety training is required of all employees
2. Firm policy of health and safety objectives in the workplace

Kangwo Power has passed GB/T28001-2011 and OHSAS18001: 2007 occupational health and safety management system certifications.

We will continue to improve the working environment and conditions for all staff, and in doing so, create a harmonious, safe, and standard operating environment. We abide by all the legal standards, and provide a safe and healthy manufacturing environment.

Code of Conduct
Abiding by the code of conduct for us means that all the behaviors conform to basic moral principles and corporate values. It is also an integral part for the organization, management and control system here at Kangwo Power.

All Kangwo personnel must follow the correct measures to communicate with colleagues, customers, suppliers, enterprises and partners in all activities. By doing so, a better reputation, larger industrial assets and more customer resources are available, improving the corporate image. We are actively distributing this code to all partners, both in China and around the world.

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