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China Diesel Engine and Generator Solutions Supplier
Kangwo Power is a leading company in the diesel engine and generator manufacturing sectors in China, and a competitive supplier worldwide. We strive to provide the best diesel engines, natural gas engines, generator sets and supporting parts, and have always done so from our foundation in 2010. We are also committed to providing solutions in choosing the right selection of engines for power generation assembly, engineering machinery, vessels, and other special devices. We have internal combustion engines available in a wide range of power capacities (30kW-3800kW), which are able to meet different requirements from customers.

Kangwo Diesel Engines and Generator Sets
Kangwo Power offers a wide variety of products including diesel or natural gas engines in the following series: N series, F series, S series, G series, T series, as well as generator sets. We are also dedicated to the production of another 15 series, including K4N, K7N, K8F, K9F, K10S, K12S, K15G, K26G, K28G, K29G, K33G, K36T, K50T, K60T, and K85T. We have more than 200 different types of products, with their emissions ranging from 4L to 85L. They are widely used to generate electricity for vessels, cars, engineering equipment, manufacturing plants and other Diesel Engine for Special Equipment. With the top market share in China, we have grown quickly, and are known for our cost effective diesel engines that are fully capable of satisfying the power requirements for a low fuel consumption and high power.

Quality of Diesel Engines is Guaranteed

The new industrial park for Kangwo Power has been completed and put into operation. The park covers an area of 72,000m2, and it is here we introduced the world's leading intelligent production lines and processing and detection systems, whose automaticity arrives to 75 percent, with an annual output of 50,000 diesel engines.

Our diesel engines are available in different power capacities, and have reached the European IV emission standard and European V emission standard levels. They have also passed CE certification, ISO9001 international quality authentication, GB/T28001-2011, OHSAS18001:2007 and other certifications.

Strict tests will be carried out on finished products before delivery.

About the Design of the Diesel Engines
Kangwo Power places a great deal of importance on the research and development of diesel engine core technology. Kangwo's R & D department is currently staffed by 12 skilled professionals, including three senior engineers. Their major tasks include the design of new products, the optimization and improvement of existing products, the formulation and optimization of the manufacturing process, finding solutions to serious problems that occur during the production process, and ensure our products are welcomed by our customers.

Four engineers have been working on manufacturing engines for more than 10 years.

Creo3.0 3D design software invented by PTC is used in product design, and we are currently in technical partnerships with Shanghai Jiaotong University, Suzhou University, Harbin Engineering University and other universities known for research achievements in power research.

Our products have their own characteristics, including an oil-gas separation technology that is used in the product design. Dealers that have worked with us give us the opportunity to also offer free technical support and training.

Viable Service and Consultation are Available for Customers
Kangwo Power designs engine system for ships, industrial equipment and machines using oil and gas.

We have garnered professional knowledge in a variety of fields, in order to maximize the energy efficiency and environmental friendliness of all of our products.

We provide a wide range of services for our customers, including device testing, research, maintenance and more. Customized services are also provided for different places and needs, which includes, but is not limited to, the design for brand logo and the appearance of products, performance improvement, and the addition and optimization of special functions. Regular re-training of our technical service engineers is required, in order for us to continue assisting international and domestic dealers and customers to the best possible levels.

Jiangsu Kangwo Power Technology Co., Ltd

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