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Diesel Engine for Agricultural Machinery (Water Pump, Cutting Machine)

Kangwo Power's diesel engine are also used in agricultural machinery, and are designed with a combination of different agricultural technologies (ploughing, planting, management, and harvesting) from both at home and abroad. This diesel engine features an outstanding performance, durability and cost effectiveness, with power levels ranging from 64kW to 171kW. This particular machinery is widely used to generate power for tillage machinery, plant protection machinery, irrigation and drainage machinery, power transmission machinery, planting and fertilizing machinery, harvesting machinery, grain and oil machinery, feed machinery and other agricultural machineries.

Model: K4N/7N

    1. K4N/K7N 64kW-171kW Diesel EngineThanks to the four-valve structure in its air cylinder, fuel atomization technology, and its modular design, the 64Kw-171kW diesel engine has a compact structure, easy installation and ease of maintainence, all these features make for an ideal solution for 64 kW-171 kW generator sets.