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    China Diesel Engine and Generator Solutions Supplier
    Kangwo Power is a leading company in the diesel engine and generator manufacturing sectors in China, and a competitive supplier worldwide. We strive to provide the best diesel engines, natural gas engines, generator sets and supporting parts, and have always done so from our foundation in 2010. We are also committed to providing solutions in choosing the right selection of engines for power generation assembly, engineering machinery, vessels, and other special devices. We have internal combustion engines available in a wide range of power capacities (30kW-3800kW), which are able to meet different requirements from customers.

  • Sustainability

    Environment and Responsibility
    Kangwo Power firmly believes that environmental protection measures should be taken to create a better future.

    Because of this, we are committed to carrying out all activities in a responsible manner, which includes abiding by existing environmental laws and implementing all necessary measures to prevent pollution and protect natural resources.

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