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Perkins Engine Powered 240-1600kW Industrial Diesel Generator

  •  Perkins Engine Powered 240-1600kW Industrial Diesel Generator
  •  Perkins Engine Powered 240-1600kW Industrial Diesel Generator

The Perkins engine powered 240-1600kW industrial diesel generators are widely used in industrial and commercial fields. These generators can also be used to provide power for engineering machinery, ships and other equipment.

Technical Parameters
Genset Model Genset rated power Engine Model Engine rated power Speed Governing Mode Connector Mode Rated Current Rated Speed Rated Frequency Boundary Dimension Weight (KG)
KP6L240V1 240 2306C-E14TAG1A 261 Electronic Governor SAE1/14 432 1500 50 2900*880*1570 2400
KP6L280V1 280 2206C-E13TAG2 305 Electronic Governor SAE1/14 504 1500 50 3480*1110*1960 2400
KP6L320V1 320 2206C-E13TAG3 349 Electronic Governor SAE1/14 576 1500 50 3480*1110*1960 3000
KP6L360V1 360 2506C-E15TAG1 396 Electronic Governor SAE1/14 648 1500 50 3480*1110*1961 3200
KP6L400V1 400 2506C-E15TAG2 435 Electronic Governor SAE1/14 720 1500 50 3640*1170*2070 3200
KP6L480V1 450 2806C-E18TAG1A 514 Electronic Governor SAE1/14 810 1500 50 3520*1536*2150 3360
KP6L480V2 480 2806C-E18TAG2 565 Electronic Governor SAE1/14 864 1500 50 3600*1536*2200 3850
KP6L584V1 584 4006-23TAG2A 632 Electronic Governor SAE1/14 1051.2 1500 50 3600*1536*2200 5200
KP8L752V1 752 4008TAG2A 899 Electronic Governor SAE1/18 1353.6 1500 50 3780*1780*2130 7846
KP12V1000V1 1000 4012-46TWG2A 1113 Electronic Governor SAE1/18 1800 1500 50 4750*1888*1572 9600
KP12V1200V1 1100 4012-46TAG3A 1207 Electronic Governor SAE1/18 1980 1500 50 4910*2261*3052 10600
KP12V1320V1 1320 4012-46TAG3A 1496 Electronic Governor SAE1/18 2376 1500 50 5810*2261*3052 13250
KP16V1600V1 1600 4016TAG2A 1766 Electronic Governor SAE1/18 2880 1500 50 5900*2300*2950 14500

Kangwo Power reserves the right to change specifications and design without prior notice. The picture is only for reference, please make the object as the standard or just contact us before you purchase.

Diesel engines in the KP series are powered by Perkins engines, which have a fast-response and reliable cold starting performance and are paired with the world's most advanced combustion technology. By doing so, these engines feature a low combustion consumption, low noise, energy saving performance and environmental protection.

Generators from internationally known brands, such as Marathon or Stanford, and imported original controllers are used in the manufacturing process of each diesel generator. These designs provide an H-class insulating, a great performance, and a stable operation. The generator can be operated automatically or manually, with a clear display for a variety of parameters. Users can also equip these industrial generators with other protective and remote control functions.

Whatever your equipment produces, a stop in production caused by a power failure can be dangerous to both employees and equipment, which is why Kangwo's generators are known for their safe performances, as well as low operating costs and market proven quality. These diesel generators allow for a better manufacturing efficiency, no matter what they are powering.

1. 240-1600kW industrial diesel generators are powered by Perkins (Tianjin) series diesel engines, and are widely used for power stations.
2. Engines under famous brands such as Marathon (Sino-US joint venture) and Stamford (UK sole proprietorship) and control panels are optional components to choose from.

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