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Mercedes-Benz MTU Engine Powered 520-1630kW Industrial Diesel Generator

 Mercedes-Benz MTU Engine Powered 520-1630kW Industrial Diesel Generator

520-1630kW industrial diesel generators in the KB series are widely used to generate electricity for industrial and commercial areas. They can also be used to provide power for engineering machinery, ships and other equipment.

520~1630kW industrial diesel generators are powered by Benz MTU series engines, which can also be provided with an optional brushless excitation generator from international brands, including Marathon, Stamford and others, as well as equipped with a clear, easy to use control panel. Brand selection is left entirely up to the customer.

Technical Parameters
Genset Model Genset rated power Engine Model Engine rated power Speed Governing Mode Connector Mode Rated Current Rated Speed Rated Frequency Boundary Dimension Weight(KG)
KB12V520V1 520 12V2000G33 565 Electronic Governor SAE1/14 936 1500 50 3850*1550*2000 5250
KB12V576V1 576 12V2000G63 625 Electronic Governor SAE1/14 1040 1500 50 3850*1550*2000 5500
KB16V670V1 670 16V2000G23 728 Electronic Governor SAE1/14 1206 1500 50 3850*1550*2000 6200
KB16V740V1 740 16V2000G63 805 Electronic Governor SAE1/14 1332 1500 50 4380*1700*2400 6500
KB16V824V1 824 18V2000G63 895 Electronic Governor SAE1/18 1487 1500 50 4550*1750*2600 6800
KB12V1115V1 1115 12V4000G21 1205 Electronic Governor SAE1/18 2012 1500 50 5050*2100*2400 9800
KB12V1240V1 1240 12V4000G61 1330 Electronic Governor SAE1/18 2237 1500 50 5360*2200*2600 10200
KB16V1480V1 1480 16V4000G21 1600 Electronic Governor SAE1/18 2670 1500 50 5650*2400*2800 12800
KB16V1630V1 1630 16V4000G61 1760 Electronic Governor SAE1/18 2941 1500 50 5950*2600*3000 13800

Kangwo Power reserves the right to change specifications and design without prior notice. The picture is only for reference, please make the object as the standard or just contact us before you purchase.


Each unit is outfitted with four defensive functions, including protections against high water temperature, high oil temperature, high oil pressure and excessive speed. These gen sets also feature an accurate voltage regulation, excellent dynamic performance, slight voltage waveform distortion, high working efficiency, excellent reliability, long service life and efficient economic performance.

These industrial gen sets are compatible for city power supply, and we also supply units that feature self-starting and switching functions.

Whatever your equipment produces, a stop in production caused by a power failure can be dangerous to both employees and equipment, which is why Kangwo's generators are known for their safe performances, as well as low operating costs and market proven quality. These diesel generators allow for a better manufacturing efficiency, no matter what they are powering.

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