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Weichai Engine Powered 30-200kW Industrial Diesel Generator

  •  Weichai Engine Powered 30-200kW Industrial Diesel Generator
  •  Weichai Engine Powered 30-200kW Industrial Diesel Generator

The 30-200kW industrial diesel generators are widely used in industrial and commercial fields. These generators can also be used to provide power for engineering machinery, ships and other equipment.

Technical Parameters
Genset Model Genset rated power Engine Model Engine rated power Speed Governing Mode Connector Mode Rated Current Rated Speed Rated Frequency Boundary Dimension Weight (KG)
kW4L30V2 30 K4102D 33 Electric Governor SAE1/14 54 1500 50 1600*600*1000 750
kW4L40V1 40 K4100ZD 42 Electric Governor SAE1/14 72 1500 50 1600*600*1000 750
kW4L50V1 50 R4105ZD1 56 Electric Governor SAE1/14 90 1500 50 1800*700*1200 880
kW4L50V2 50 R4110D 53 Electric Governor SAE1/14 90 1500 50 2450*900*1600 1280
kW6L75V1 75 R6105D1 84 Electric Governor SAE1/14 135 1500 50 2450*900*1600 1300
kW6L100V1 100 R6105AZLD 110 Electric Governor SAE1/14 180 1500 50 2450*900*1600 1500
kW6L120V1 120 R61051ZLD 132 Electric Governor SAE1/14 216 1500 50 2450*900*1600 1500
kW6L150V1 150 R6113ZLD 155 Electric Governor SAE1/14 270 1500 50 2500*730*1550 2200
kW6L200V1 200 6126ZLD 247 Electric Governor SAE1/14 360 1500 50 2960*1140*1850 2300

Kangwo Power reserves the right to change specifications and design without prior notice. The picture is only for reference, please make the object as the standard or just contact us before you purchase.

30-200kW industrial diesel generators are powered by Weichai series engines, and can be equipped with brushless excitation generators from internationally known brands Marathon or Stamford and control panels. The selection between them is up to customers.

Each industrial gen set unit is available with four defensive functions, including protections against high water temperature, high oil temperature, high oil pressure and excessive speed. They also feature an accurate voltage regulation, excellent dynamic performance, slight voltage waveform distortion, high working efficiency, great reliability, long service life and efficient economic performance.

These industrial generators are compatible with city power supply, and we can also equip them with self-starting and switching functions upon request.

Whatever your equipment produces, a stop in production caused by a power failure can be dangerous to both employees and equipment, which is why Kangwo's generators are known for their safe performances, as well as low operating costs and market proven quality. These diesel generators allow for a better manufacturing efficiency, no matter what they are powering.

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