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Diesel Engine

    1. Diesel Engine for Land Use Diesel Engine for land use are the most popular applications, as the diesel engine can be used to generate electricity for residences, office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, schools and other buildings. So your operation never misses a best when the power goes out!
    1. Diesel Engine for Ships Kangwo diesel engine are known for their high thermal efficiency, high cost efficiency, easy operation, and excellent adaptability to various ships. Ships with our diesel engine work as usual in trim or heel moments. Other applications for electricity generation with these diesel engine include usage in the main engine in high speed boats, passenger ships, fishing boats, work boats, cargo ships, engineering ships, and patrol vessels (both inland and offshore).
    1. Diesel Engine for Engineering Equipment (Field Power Supply) Kangwo's power diesel engine unit meets the power needs for both large and small construction machinery, as well as power needs for long term operation in engines and other machinery. The engineering equipment for field power supply works in a variety of harsh environments, including cold, hot, wet and mud.
    1. Diesel Engine for Agricultural Machinery (Water Pump, Cutting Machine) Kangwo Power's diesel engine are also used in agricultural machinery, and are designed with a combination of different agricultural technologies (ploughing, planting, management, and harvesting) from both at home and abroad. This diesel engine features an outstanding performance, durability and cost effectiveness, with power levels ranging from 64kW to 171kW.
    1. Diesel Engine for Special Equipment Kangwo's power diesel engines are known for their low emission, low fuel consumption, high reliability, large discharge capacity, long service life, fast response, and excellent bearing capacity. The emission performances are equal to that of European and United States standards.