K29G 700-800kW Diesel Engine

 K29G 700-800kW Diesel Engine

Rated Power: 700-800kW
Engine Type: V-type, Water-cooling, Four-stroke, Direct injection, Two-valve
Cylinder: 12
Bore x Stroke: 138 x 160(mm)
Emission Standard: Euro 4, Euro 5
Certificates: CE, EU, ISO9001 international quality authentication, GB/T28001-2011, OHSAS18001:2007 

The 700-800kW diesel engine in the K29G series are exclusively used as the engines for generator units, ideal for generators with power of 650-800kW

K29G 700-800kW Diesel Engines have been upgraded in terms of the structural design, fuel system, pressurization system, and combustion system. Therefore, products in this series have a stable performance, excellent reliability, low noise, small vibration and environmental benefits.

Technical parameters for 50HZ/60HZ diesel engine
Engine Model K29G1060D K29G1120D K29G1210D
Engine Type V-type, Water-cooling, Four-stroke, Direct injection, Two valves
Intake Type Turbo charger/Air-to-air intercooler
Rated Power 700 kW 750kW 800 kW
Max Power 780 kW 820kW 890 kW
Bore*Stroke 138*160 (mm) 138*165 (mm)
Number of Cylinder 12
Cylinder Type Replaceable wet cylinder
Total Displacement 28.7 (L) 29.6 (L)
Specific Fuel Consumption ≤200 (g/kW·h)
Specific Oil Consumption ≤0.4 (g/kW·h)
Idle Speed 750(rpm)
Rated Speed 1500(rpm)
Speed Governing Mode Electronic governor
Starting Mode Electrical starting
Crankshaft rotating direction Anti-clockwise / Facing the flywheel
Noise ≤117(db)
Smoke ≤2.0
Flywheel Housing SAE NO.0#
Flywheel INO.18
Net Weight 2500±50 (kg)
Length*width*height 2000*1300*1800(mm)
Fuel grades (GB 252) General environment No.0 or No.-10 light diesel oil
Hot Area No.10 light diesel oil
Cold Area No.-35 or lower point light diesel oil
Engine oil (GB 11122) CF15W/40(Below -5℃)

Kangwo Power reserves the right to change specifications and design without prior notice. The picture is only for reference, please make the object as the standard or just contact us before you purchase.

Our diesel engines have reached the European IV emission standard and European V emission standard. And passed CE certification of EU, ISO9001 international quality authentication, GB/T28001-2011, OHSAS18001:2007 and other certifications.

1. Environmentally friendly
The split cylinder head is made of high-alloy cast iron. The usage of a tangential port and turbocharging increases the intake mass air flow, airflow strength, and power per liter, while simultaneously reducing emission.

2. Wide application
The improvement of dual cooling system: Products in this series are manufactured with dual-pump and dual oil cooler. The design improves the engine cooling capacity in the event of high power or high heat load, which leads to the wide usage of these diesel engines in tropical and other warm environments.

3. High working efficiency
The exhaust pipe is designed inside the supercharger, which provides a better sealing effect, and decreases air leakage, as well as increasing the working efficiency of the supercharger.

4. Increasing the crankshaft travel and the displacement
Fuel pumps with high pressure and high power are used in the manufacturing process, thus satisfying high power needs. Equipped with a high strength coupling, the water-cooling diesel engine has a stable, durable structure and safe fuel supply.

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