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K13G15G 280-339kW Diesel Engine

 K13G15G 280-339kW Diesel Engine

Rated Power: 280-339kW
Engine Type: In-line, Water-cooling, Four-stroke, Direct injection, Two-valve
Cylinder: 6
Bore x Stroke: 135 x 150 (mm)
Emission Standard: Euro 4, Euro 5
Certificates: CE, EU, ISO9001 international quality authentication, GB/T28001-2011, OHSAS18001:2007 

The technology of electronic unit pump technology is interchangeable with mechanical fuel pump.

A 280-339kW diesel engine may be heavily applied in construction machinery, such as excavators, drilling equipment, and loading machines, as well as agricultural machinery such as tractors, harvesters, and rotary tillers. These engines can also be used to generate electricity for ships.

Technical parameters for 50HZ/60HZ diesel engine
Engine Model K13G420D K15G500D
Engine Type In-line, Water-cooling, Four-stroke, Direct injection, Two Valves
Intake Type Turbo charger/Air-to-air intercooler
Rated Power 280kW 339 kW
Max Power 308kW 373 kW
Bore*Stroke 135*150 (mm) 135*165 (mm)
Number of Cylinder 6
Cylinder Type Replaceable wet cylinder
Total Displacement 12.88 (L) 14.16 (L)
Specific Fuel Consumption ≤205 (g/kW·h)
Specific Oil Consumption ≤0.4 (g/kW·h)
Idle Speed 750(rpm)
Rated Speed 1500(rpm)
Speed Governing Mode Mechanical governor Electronic Governor
Starting Mode Electrical starting
Crankshaft rotating direction Anti-clockwise / Facing the flywheel
Noise ≤115(db) ≤117(db)
Smoke ≤2.0
Flywheel Housing SAE NO.1#
Flywheel INO.14
Net Weight 1200±50 (kg)
Length*width*height 1524*948*1550(mm)
Fuel grades (GB 252) General environment No.0 or No.-10 light diesel oil
Hot Area No.10 light diesel oil
Cold Area No.-35 or lower point light diesel oil
Engine oil (GB 11122) CF15W/40(Below -5℃)

Kangwo Power reserves the right to change specifications and design without prior notice. The picture is only for reference, please make the object as the standard or just contact us before you purchase.

On the basis of K12G diesel engine, the K13G/15G diesel engine has been upgraded in terms of its structural design, fuel system, pressurization system, and combustion system. Therefore, products in this series are known for their outstanding performance, reliability, low noise emissions, low vibration and outstanding environmental benefits.

Our diesel engines have reached the European IV emission standard and European V emission standard. And passed CE certification of EU, ISO9001 international quality authentication, GB/T28001-2011, OHSAS18001:2007 and other certifications.

1. Engines in the K13G/15G use an electronic control pump. Instead of elastic coupling, the use of direct coupling prevents malfunctions and inaccuracies in the diesel engines that were often caused by the use of an elastic coupling
2. It simplifies the assembly process, and provides a stable performance for the fuel pump.
3. K13G15G 280-339kW Diesel Engines are designed with a reflowable oil and gas separation system. The system reduces the internal exhaust pressure of the diesel engine and improves its heat dissipation performance, thus ensuring a smooth operation and long service life.
4. The oil filter and oil cooler are designed to form a seamless integrative structure, which efficiently filters out the noxious particles and water in the fuel system.
5. Exhaust pipes use an alloy casting material, which has a good heat resistance. Usage of this material decreases air leakage and improves the temperature resistance.
6. Oil and water separation technology is used to filter the diesel, which allows a high filtering rate and a low exhaust emission, making the diesel engine more environmentally friendly.
7. The use of a tangential port guarantees a low vortex and a large air inflow, thus the fuel can be burned more sufficiently.
8. We use a ceramic coated piston ring and laser multi-angle thin-walled alloy cylinder in the manufacturing process, which effectively reduces the oil consumption and saves customer costs.

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