K4N/K7N 64kW-171kW Diesel Engine

 K4N/K7N 64kW-171kW Diesel Engine

Rated Power: 64-171 kW
Engine Type: In-line, water-cooling, four-stroke, direct injection, two-valve
Cylinder: 4 or 6
Bore x Stroke: 105 x 124 (mm)
Emission Standard: Euro 4, Euro 5
Certificates: CE, EU, ISO9001 international quality authentication, GB/T28001-2011, OHSAS18001:2007 

This 64kW-171kW diesel engine is exclusively used in the engine unit of power stations.

Thanks to the four-valve structure in its air cylinder, fuel atomization technology, and its modular design, the 64Kw-171kW diesel engine has a compact structure, easy installation and ease of maintainence, all these features make for an ideal solution for 64 kW-171 kW generator sets.

Technical parameters for 50HZ/60HZ diesel engine
Engine Model K4N96D K4N123D K4N166D K4N185D K7N230D K7N256D
Engine Type In-line,Water-Cooled,Four-Stroke,Direct Injection
Intake Type Turbochargerd Turbo charger/Air-to-air intercooler
Rated Power 64 kW 82 kW 110 kW 124 kW 155 kW 171 kW
Max Power 70 kW 90 kW 122 kW 136 kW 170 kW 188 kW
Bore*Stroke 105*124 (mm)
Number of Cylinder 4 6
Cylinder Type Dry Cylinder
Total Displacement 4.3 (L) 6.5 (L)
Specific Fuel Consumption ≤204 (g/kW·h) ≤198 (g/kW·h) ≤193 (g/kW·h)
Specific Oil Consumption ≤0.3 (g/kW·h)
Idle Speed 750(rpm)
Rated Speed 1500(rpm)
Speed Governing Mode Electronic governor
Starting Mode Electrical starting
Crankshaft rotating direction Anti-clockwise / Facing the flywheel
Noise ≤96(db)
Smoke ≤2.0
Flywheel Housing SAE NO.3#
Flywheel INO.11 1/2
Net Weight 430±20 (kg) 460±20 (kg) 600±20 (kg)
Length*width*height 1053*717*1158(mm) 1371*741*1178(mm)
Fuel grades (GB 252) General environment No.0 or No.-10 light diesel oil (GB 252)
Hot Area No.10 light diesel oil
Cold Area No.-35 or lower point light diesel oil
Engine oil (GB 11122) CF15W/40(Below -5℃)

Kangwo Power reserves the right to change specifications and design without prior notice. The picture is only for reference, please make the object as the standard or just contact us before you purchase.

Kangwo collaborates with numerous power plants for consultation, manufacturing, debugging and maintenance of the diesel engines. We provide customized diesel engines according to client's technical requirements and offer feasible solutions. By working with an internationally known internal combustion engine manufacturer, we are able to design and produce the 64kW-171kW diesel engine.

Our diesel engines have reached the European IV emission standard and European V emission standard. And passed CE certification of EU, ISO9001 international quality authentication, GB/T28001-2011, OHSAS18001:2007 and other certifications.

1. Four Valves
A four-valve structure ensures efficient space usage, which allows for a larger air flow opening during each valve's respective stroke.

Getting adequate air helps to improve the diesel engine's power per liter and torque per liter, which are the two standards by which the engine performance is measured. Therefore, a four-valve structure guarantees a high performance in the diesel engine.

2. Electronic Governor
The electronic governor allows for a high regulation precision, and meets the requirements for a high speed droop from the plant station.

3. Low Fuel Consumption
A P-type diesel fuel injector design is a new invention in the field. The design places the oil atomizer in the middle, allowing full fuel atomization and low fuel consumption.

4. Low Swirl Intensity and Mass Flow
The cylinder head is made of an alloy cast iron, which guarantees its stiffness and strength. The optimized design of the air passage meets customer requirements for a high power, low fuel consumption, and low emission.

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